Monday, February 2, 2009

Main Street Mom's Menu Mania

I am delegating much of my mommy duties this week as I am going to my mothers to help her move and my dear Aunt is stepping in my shoes and holding down the fort for the two schooled sons. The baby is going with me....of course! This weeks' menu is to aide her in the morning rush and the packing of the lunches....Thank you, Aunt Viki!
B: Breakfast casserole (crustless quiche), muffin
L: Meatball Subs, Chips, snack mix, fruit cup
S: Heather’s burgers (eat before basketball)

B: Blueberry muffins
L: B-que sandwich, chips, veg sticks and dip
S: Viki is cooking!

B: Baked Oatmeal and egg, jc
L: pizza (wrapped in Foil), string cheese, treat from snack jar
S: Leah fixin’ country style ribs

B: Stuffed English muffin
L: pizza rolls and mini corndogs
S: Viki is cooking!

B: oatmeal waffles (in lg freezer)
L: Turkey sandwich, chips, fruit leather,
S: Hamburger Steak (prepared and in freezer), roasted potatoes, salad

B: omelets
L: meatball subs, chips, cookies
S: Larry’s Special Salad

B: omelets
L: Soup and sandwiches
S: Salmon filets, rice, salad w/ ginger salad

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