Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lunch Box Trays

Am doing what I can to offer fruit, veggies, rotate grains, and not fall into the prepackaged, highly processed lunch food rut.  100 Days of Real Food has been absolutely inspirational as well as highly informational!  Once one starts doing the research to know what they are consuming and feeding their family, it is impossible to be indifferent.  For me it has become an issue of conscience, which has greatly impacted my health and the health of my man clan.
There is no denying that in this culture of highly processed foods and beverages we all need ideas to get beyond the sandwich and chips!  I did not get to this place overnight.  This is doable with a day of prep work.  Get those fruits and veggies washed and cut, a batch of muffins baked. Choose supper options like homemade deep dish pizza or chili that will transport well to school the next day. You can do this.

 If your children "don't like" anything that is not processed....start introducing fruits and veggies at home and remove the processed foods as home snacking options. I also sat down at the computer with my guys and looked through lunch ideas on PINTREST.  We made out a list of fruits, veggies, baked goods, entrees, snack was a brainstorming session.

 I find that the trays shown here (purchased at Walmart, BPA free) work well, but only if you can find a lunch box they are able to fit in flatly. The lunchbox available at the above link has made these trays work well and other items still fit in the lunchbox easily.

Homemade flat bread (Naan) with pizza toppings to make a pizza-"lunchable"
Fresh veggies, granola bar, banana milkshake and a muffin as well.
Nitrite free hot dog
blueberries, strawberries
kids Cliff bar,
celery bites
cherry tomatoes
Snow Peas, Carrots
(Just snack)
chocolate chip energy bites
Hormel Natural Ham and cheese
gluten free crackers
PB Rice Crispy Treat
Blueberry Muffin
carrots and cherry tomatoes
honeydew and strawberries

Deep dish pizza
baby carrots
PB Rice Crispy Treat
Gluten Free Crackers
WW Chocolate Chip Cookie


Desserts and Deadlines said...

Such good ideas! I love the homemade pizza "lunchable". I can remember using triscuits to make mini pizzas in school. Yummy!

Main Street Mom said...

Great hearing from you, Devin! Am working on some cooking inspiration! Have been missing you and Oscar! Will be in touch soon!