Thursday, February 7, 2013

 So thankful for another opportunity to demonstrate healthy cooking with the Wiregrass viewers!  Oscar and Devon make the experience extra special and welcoming; extending an invitation for the man clan guys to make occasional appearances with me on the set.  

     This week was my chance to share some sweet and healthy valentines options!  Jackson got to go with me to share with the viewers his sports themed "guy" valentines (and give me a hand in the kitchen).  A free printable for his valentines can be found on the family blog.

WTVY Valentine Menu
Fruit and Chocolate Fondue

served with Chai Spiced Tea

I love recipes that can be deconstructed and can be mulitpurposed.
The chocolate in the candy recipe is also what we used for the fondue as well as the syrup drizzled over the strawberry crepes. It is a lovely clean chocolate recipe comprised of equal portions (1/4 cup) of only four ingredients: coconut oil, butter, honey and cocoa powder.  Absolutely satisfying and delicious....without the guilt.  

The fruit used was honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries.  Just for fun and in keeping with the Valentine's Day theme, the melon was cut with heart shaped cutters.  All the fruit was skewered and placed in a vase to make fruit bouquets.  Jackson and Oscar enjoyed the fruit!  This momma is happy to see fruits and veggies enjoyed.. 

The original crepe recipe came from the Garland House cookbook.  My quest for making my recipes guilt-free led me to making our crepes with 100% oat flour.  
My demonstration crepes were filled with cheesecake and strawberries and garnished with chocolate syrup...sorry to say I did not get a picture of the crepes....they were very pretty!  
For the record, crepes get a bad rap as being chic food....crepes can be filled with anything of your choosing....sausage and egg, simple jam, or pure maple syrup.  Crepes can be savory or sweet....a crepe is what you make of it!!!  

Enjoy, folks and Happy Valentine's Day.  Remember to hug those special loved ones in your life and every now and then cook something yummy for them!

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