Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It pays to know your produce lady....

and have 2 hours on a Saturday to process fresh fruit and a husband willing to help....Thank you, EJC!

As I was passing the produce department "work zone"  I waved as I always do...greeting the folks hard at work.  She stopped me.  "You like to cook, right?...she asked.  Would you like to buy boxes of strawberries?  You will have to get them in the freezer tonight.  They are spoiling quickly."  I will sell them to you for $6/box."  My only question was, "How many boxes do you have?"  The answer was "2"....I happily took them home!  Strawberries for all!!!!  We yielded 5 gallon ziplock bags!  Looking forward to many smoothies!  What a deal!

Task completed!

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