Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Menu planning

It is late Wednesday and I am finally posting the menu which has been executed rather well thus far this week.  Having a plan helps me so much! 

I left town Sunday after church for a Dr's appt in Atlanta, GA.  I returned home Monday about 9:30 pm, went straight to bed.  Tuesday I started the day with another appointment and today had the pleasure of accompanying my son on a field trip....

This can be checked off the mental "to do" list and now starting on the "local grocery deals".

B: Smothered fried eggs, bagels
S: Pizza and treats for superbowl

B: Omelets
L: B-que sandwiches
S: Hot Dogs, Baked beans, Slaw

B: Crepes and Yogurt
L: Hot pocket, granola bar, apple
S: Enchiladas, yellow rice, refried black beans, cafe rio salad dressing and salad

B: Waffles and Yogurt
L: Ham sandwich, snacks of choice
S: Spaghetti, broc and bread

B: Crepes
L: Sandwiches
S: Salmon, Rice, Carrots, and salad

B: Ham and Cheese B-fast casserole
L: leftovers
S: hangin out with friends

B: Omelets, English muffins
L: Ham sandwiches, congealed salad, carrots and ranch dip
S: Dine out with Church member

B: Quiche
S: Steaks, Potatoes and Salad

B: Cereal
L: leftovers
S: Ham, Cheese Grits and Broccoli

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