Friday, January 22, 2010

Look what I spotted at Subway!!!!

It's not the is the SILPAT!!!! I asked their permission to take this pic!

If you don't have is worth the money. It makes quick work of baking. Some cookies cannot be removed from the pan until they have cooled some. With a silpat, the whole sheet can slide off the tray and baking continues with another silpat. It is not just for cookies though. Supper clean up is so easy and quick when using a silpat. Great for chicken parmigiana, even chicken nuggets or pizza rolls crisp up wonderfully on it as well. I use mine when making pecan brittle or dipping buckeyes. I use it over casserole dishes instead of foil and to cover food in the microwave.

Baking yeast rolls...

My thinking is, if a large corporation like Subway is willing to supply all of their restaurants with this product, chefs are seen on Food Network using this product, I am thankful to own a few!

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