Friday, January 22, 2010


Keifer grains....about 1 TBS

Place them in a pint jar with fresh mik.

Put a lid on it.

Let the grains do their work...24-72 hours

Strain out the grains with a plastic strainer. Rinse the grains and use them again.

Just that easy. I marvel at how easy it is now. I have had the grains for over a year and initially agonized over the process. I would call in my aunt to check it and confirm that I had done it right....I have made my 3rd batch in the past 2 weeks and am loving it. I suppose my favorite use is making Blueberry Lemon Keifer Smoothie. My best description is that keifer is liquid yogurt. It blesses us with those beneficial bacteria that our digestive tract needs. It is slightly effervescent and tangy. I recommend sweetening it with stevia. Keifer is one of those super foods.


Beth said...

This is so fascinating!!!!! You just set it on the counter to do it's Keifer making?!?!?........No refrigeration during that process even though it is milk?
Did you use whole, 2%, or skim milk?
I do love that Keifer Lemon Blueberry Smoothie. Yum, Yum! :-)

Balcena Family said...

Where did you pick up your keifer grains? Do you know if they are available locally or should I order a kit like the link suggests? Finally got a chance to look at all your blogs! They are wonderful and I am reenergized about couponing!! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Main Street Mom said...

My aunt was my source; however, she ordered hers online. Check out this site...seems very comprehensive!