Friday, April 24, 2009

Prep Tips

Often I hear folks say, " I just don't have time to make homemade...a boxed mix will do." Most days I do not have time either if their making would entail a trip to the store to gather ingredients then the measuring, mixing and baking.

I have made and have eaten my share of store bought cookie dough cookies. They are good, but there are just some favorite cookie recipes that cannot be beat! It is a pleasure to make them for friends and family. One of my sentimentally favorite cookie is Grandma Tweet's Oatmeal Cookie, Missy's Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies, and my cookie exchange favorite, Chocolate Oatmeal Chippers. These cannot be bought at the grocery store.
Bisquick does not come close to my oatmeal flour waffles and pancakes...I might add that Mrs. Coffee's Blueberry Muffins rival any boxed mix out there!

To help make recipes like these a reality in the busy-ness of my life... I look for times when I have only a 5-10 minute slot...certainly not enough time to make a whole batch of cookies...yet it is plenty of time to measure out all of the dry ingredients. This past week I combined the ingredients for 3 different batches of cookies. For years I have been doing this for muffin, pancake and waffle recipes. In a pinch I can have dough for cookies and batter for the others prepared in a "jiffy". I know and am able to pronounce all the ingredience in the mixes that I have made. With the dump of a baggie and the addition of a few noted ingredients I am minutes away from warm, delicious homemade treats!

1. selection of recipes

2. I hope it is visible that I packaged bags within bags. The sugars are separate with a list of wet ingredients to add (see pic below). The flour and soda are in bag number 2 to be added to "wet ingredients" . The largest bag has the oatmeal, wheat germ, coconut, chocolate chips, and nuts. The two smaller bags fit within the largest bag.

Days later when you have another 10 minute slot and you combine the wet ingredients to make the dough...the dough can then be stored in the gallon ziplock bag in the refrigerator.

The other two baggies I save for the next time I feel like prepping some cookie mix

I slip them into the rubbermaid box and know where to find them the next time I find the time to do some prepping!