Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cappuccino Pie

Preparing for our church's annual Bible conference. All the ladies are asked to bring a dessert to each meal. That totals 5 desserts. I am anticipating my kitchen will be in the midst of remodeling in the coming weeks. I have started getting my desserts prepared and in the freezer. This cappuccino pie has been a requested favorite of many for several years.

All the ingredients you will need:

Pour cold milk into a cold bowl.

Pour pudding mix into cold milk....

Add almond extract or flavoring.

(Take note of my beautiful new Demarle measuring spoon! I love this set of measuring tools. All the spoons have a round end and a oval end. This design has proved to be oh, so very practical! Sometimes the round spoons will not fit into the spice jar. Also, having two tsp on the same spoon is efficient when taking cough syrup upstairs to the boys...can dose 2 of the boys with the same spoon.) It is the little things in life....huh?!?!

Add instant coffee. Usually I have a jar of instant just for this recipe...It works well in making cappuccino smoothies too! I got these single serving packets (probably free) from CVS.

Precisely measure or appoximate with a dollop from a spatula 1 cup of cool whip into pudding mix.

Mix on medium until well blended.

Open the oreo pie crust. Be sure to look at the included recipes. I found this one on one of those labels. The label needs to be taken off if you intend to put the lid back on the pie. If you don't do it, the label will get in your pie...ewww gross! You don't want that to happen.

Pour into the Oreo pie crust.

The pie can be garnished with almonds or grated Hersey bars.

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