Sunday, January 18, 2009

Main Street Mom's Menu Mania

January 19-25th

B: Muffins
L: split pea soup
S: Heather’s cooking

B: Breakfast casserole
L: left over home made pizza,
S: Pork loin, fried okra, butterbeans, salad

B: Waffles and pear sauce
L: Turkey Sandwich, pb crackers,
S: Hamburger Steak, mashed potatoes, buterbeans

B: Almond Danish and omelets
L: Hot dog, string cheese, granola bar
S: Leah’s Coking

B: Cereal, jc
L: Ham Panini
S: Salmon filets with ginger sauce*, rice and salad

B: Waffles and omelets
L: Bagged lunch
S: Meatball Subs, chips, veg tray with ranch dip

B: Waffles and omelets
L: Dinner at church
S: Leftovers

*Ginger Sauce
1 cup mayo
2TBS of sliced pickled ginger (like what is served with sushi)

Blend well in food processor. Enjoy with fish of your choice.

For more great ideas and other meal plans go to Organizing Junkie.

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Elizabeth said...

Great! I really wish I could plan 3 meals a day.I choose breakfasts and lunches around here when they get hingry.I really should make an effort to do that and see how it works for me.Have a great week.