Friday, August 3, 2012

Somehow more than a year has passed and until tonight I had not posted here.  Amazingly, folks have continued to visit the blog for recipes.  So I thought that it is time to start sharing some of the wonderful recipes that the family has been enjoying this past year.   

It has been a long year, full of many changes.  The constants here would be that the man clan still loves to eat and I still am cooking.  The changes would include, but not be limited to the following.....
  • the head of the man clan is home lots more (good change), 
  • my cooking is mostly done on my days off,  
  • oh and that gives rise to the fact that I am now working 2 jobs, 
  • my eating and cooking has evolved to be much healthier.   
The man clan accuses me of somehow having some hippie in me because I say things like homemade and wholesome.  I say that bringing in food from the garden (flowerbed garden keeping it real) feels virtuous.  They laugh at me and I really love it and don't care all at the same time.

I love to cook, but these days others are in my kitchen more than me....its a new dance, an awkward dance.  It's a dance requiring an extra dose of special grace.  I am leaning more on others and needing more grace and love when my less than perfect feels less than virtuous.  

The benefit of the new job will be the quiet hours on my "off nights" as I am now a night shift girl....because ladies have babies in hospitals and I have the privileged to help them welcome their new little ones into their world...hoping that the bonding I have achieved with my guys, my "man clan", can somehow aid and reassure some doubting new mommas out there. 

Back to the benefit of the quiet "off nights"...they just may afford us some blogging tonight!

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