Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22-28

B: Fruit salad (mangoes, bananas, and grapes) and oatmeal waffles
L: corn dogs, apple, yogurt, raisins (spelt pasta fritada for me)
S: ham and cheese grits (venison meatloaf leftover for me)

B: baked oatmeal muffins (pear, fig and banana) oh, so moist! 
L: hot dogs, gold fish, pita chips, apple
S: Boston Butt, crashed potatoes and salad (grilled chicken for me)

B: Smoothie
L: Pizza wraps, granola bar, pb ritz,
S: Larry's Special Chopped Salad with chicken or pork

B: warm cereal, stewed spiced pears
L: Ham sandwich, pita chips, orange slices, fig newtons
S: LT is cookin" co-op!

B: Cereal and yogurt
L: PB &J sandwich, fruit of choice, goldfish, cheese and crackers
S: LT is cookin" co-op!!!

B: omelets
L: boy's dine out with daddy
S: hot wings, celery and salad wedges

B: Hard boiled eggs, fruit salad, muffins
D: B-que sandwiches  pita chips, carrot sticks
S: soup and sandwiches

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