Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evolution of a cookie cake....

I love a chocolate chip cookie....a cookie cake is just a good thing sometimes!  It is requested rather frequently by the man clan.  This past week it was requested for the 5th grade valentine's day party.

You have 2 options.
    1. buy chocolate chip cookie dough......or
    2. make it...this is my "go-to" recipe!
I made the cake, allowed it to cool, and then after wrapping it well...I refrigerated it until I was ready to decorate it.
So I started with the chocolate icing, then decided the words would be in red....in keeping with the delightfully, playful quotes from conversation hearts....I could not stop.  My dear, 5th grader offered his input and asked that I write "Happy Valentines Day" inside the chocolate heart.  I responded, "I don't think that will fit, Dear.  Go to bed, Dear.  I will be upstairs to tuck you in as soon as I finish...."
So, in my tired, foggy brained state...I proceed to write,,,"friends, 5th, 2010".  Not at all pleased with its looks, I step away and head upstairs to tuck in and kiss good night.  First question from the 5th grader, "What did you write inside the heart, Mom?"  I tell him.  I get silence....a long silence...then a "huh?"...."why?"  "Can you fix that...?"                                            

So, my weary body descends from his attic room to the kitchen to see what could be done to spare us both the same reaction from his class...
Remember anything can be erased by more icing!!!!
 It still needs something more....more contrast....white frosting is just the thing!  I love...yes love, how the heart just "pops" with the addition of the band of white frosting. 
Now it needs more white details, words, dots,.....somebody stop me.  It is fun, sooo fun!

In the end the 5th grader was pleased and I was even able to sneak in my own little love note to him without anyone else noticing....upper left corner..."ILU EDC"

I must say this was my most fun cookie cake to decorate!

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