Monday, October 26, 2009

A great find....

Having reached a slump and a time of cooking doldrums, I was delighted to find a wonderful new cookbook at a thrift store.

"Jacksonville and Company-Fresh, Inviting Recipes for Entertaining"
by: Junior League of Jacksonville, FL 1982

What a find it has already proven to be!!!!!

So far I have marked several to try. Last weekend I made Broccoli was wonderful and rated exceptional and I even got requests for the leftover soup....

Also, I found a sausage and grits casserole that is absolutely a plate scraper! Sunday, the man clan devoured it.

Tonight I have just taken a Chocolate Ricotta Cheesecake out of the oven. It is smelling lovely!

I love cooking successes!


Jaimey said...

That cheesecake sounds lovely! I love finding a new cookbook!

Thanks for popping over. I have missed you. Does this mean the remodel is done? Congrats! I need to go make sure I didn't miss any pics, but if they aren't there... you better get crackin'. :)

ps. still working at T and whatnot, only now we get to keep the house!

Beth said...

That was THE BEST broccoli bisque that I have ever had! Thanks for sharing. :-) That tasted the way that I WANTED mine to taste. Oh well, live and learn......and try your friend's recipe when she posts it. You are going to post it, right? Hint Hint! :-)