Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cutco...amazing outcome....

Remember several weeks back I posted my amazing garage sale find? A set of Cutco knives for $2.50!!!

Mom insisted that Cutco would replace the knives with damaged blades and the others needed to be sharpened. So, when we went to visit mom and dad during fall break, I made it a point to get them sent to the company.

Today I received 4 brand new knives from Cutco with a letter of regret from the company!!!!

First they thanked me for sending in my CUTCO cutlery and giving them the opportunity to service and/or replace my product....giving them the opportunity to honor their Forever Satisfaction Guarantee! Then they expressed their regret that the merchandise that I had returned has been redesigned....(in other words....those knives were soooooooo old) and therefore they had to send me a replacement in their current style. The letter ended with them saying they look forward to providing me service in the future!

My only charge is $6 for postage and handling!!!!!!!! Essentially I got about $500 worth of knives for $8.50!!!!!

Alright, I admit I got a steal. It is no wonder that they have built a great reputation for honoring their guarantee! If anyone is looking to invest in a great set of knives....I would certainly recommend CUTCO!!!!!!!!


Jaimey said...

WOW That is amazing. I have never known anyone to actually send them back. Glad to know it works. :) Great deal! Now go find me some more knives would you?!

Megan said...

I've had cutco knives since Dave and I got married. They were a wedding gift and we LOVE them!! My parents have a Cutco rep. that comes to their house to sharpen their knives.