Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cutco....what a steal!!!!

I just had to share my happy news with all the this gets posted here and facebook! On my way home from participating in our local 5K/fun run....(I did the fun mile..ya gotta start somewhere) I stopped at a garage sale. I bought a set of Cutco knives for $2.50!!!! My momma has a set that they bought over 30+ years ago. I learned to cook using these knives. I am rather sentimental. I priced Cutco several years ago and decided to be content with the knives I have. Some deals, however, are too good to pass!

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Jaimey said...

Hi, I mostly lurk on your blog here and there. :) I just wanted to say hi and I am SOOO jealous of that amazing steal! congrats! I got a few from an ex-rep for $60 once and thought I got a great deal... haha