Sunday, November 9, 2008

Main Street Mom's Menu Mania

What can I say....I am tired and I am keeping it simple tonight! No chatty details...just the menu.

Monday: Hamburger Noodle Bake (Supper co-op delivered to me)
Tuesday: Cafe Rio leftovers (per my supper co-op's request)
Wednesday: Chili, Brown Rice, Fried Cornbread (will be sharing cooking instructions for this soon)
Thursday: Angel Hair Pasta with choice of Marinara or Alfredo, chopped salad,
Friday: Leah's spicy potato soup....That you for posting that recipe!!!! (Supper co-op delivered to me)
Saturday: Dad's omelets and homemade frozen waffles, fair food for lunch, and sandwiches for supper!!!
Sunday: Crockpot "pretend rotisserie chicken", sweet potatoes, spinach salad, corn, green beans

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