Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 22- 28 grocery deals

Thanks again, Sharla, for compiling the list! These grocery deal postingsare a tool. They have helped me be more organized, and have helped me with meal planning. Knowing the deals helps me be focused and efficient when shopping.


Glad last week was a good one...

Headland IGA:

*Pillsbury savorings 3.00(-$1Q)

*Pillsbury brownie mix 3.00 (-$1/3 Q)

*Hot Pockets 3/$5

Minute Maid OJ $2.50

Headland PW:

Lipton 24 ct tea bags 1.50

Winn Dixie:

not much to speak of…

U-Sav (Cherokee):

FP Gr beef .158/lb

Milk 2.99/gal

Red Delicious Apples .99/lb

Fryer leg quarters 10lb bag @ .59/lb

Hot Pockets 3/$5

Food Depot (+10%):

Jumbo pack chick breast .88/lb

Boston butt .95/lb

8 lb potatoes 2.99

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Split breast .69/lb

MOO & OINK rib tips 12.99 (a Must have item!)

Milk 2.69/gal

Hamburger helper .99

Sweet potatoes .29/lb

Dothan PW (+10%):

Kraft mayo, reg only 1.97

*(ck for olive oil variety and use -$1 Q)

*Hunts diced tomatoes .75

Blue bell ice cream 3.33

Boston butt .97/lb

Pork steaks or Country style ribs .97/lb

Bacon bits 3.25 oz .96

10 lb box boneless, skinless breast 14.75

Red delicious apples .83/lb

Pears .96/lb

Oranges 4lb 1.77

Pictsweet corn chub .98

Kraft singles 12 oz 1.78

Southern Family Market:

(they double coupons!)

Boston butt .99/lb (fri, sat, sun only)

Red or black grapes .97/lb (fri, sat, sun)

Campbells cns/tom soup .48 (fri, sat, sun)

*Alaga syrup 1.99 (-.40Qx2)

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Sharla said...

you know the Moo and Oink item was suppose to be a funny....