Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept 10-16th local grocery deals

*indicates a better savings with coupons

Piggly Wiggly (Mont Hwy) The deals in red seem worth the drive!

Medium eggs .88/doz

Boneless skinless breast .98/lb

Sunnyland hotdogs .97

Carolina Pride whole Smoked Picnic Ham .86/lb (I am thinking either cabbage stew from the bone and/or split pea soup!!!!)

Pictsweet corn chub .98

Salad mix .88

Cucumbers .25

Peaches .77

Potatoes 2.95/10 lb.

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Milk 2.99 (limit 2)

Shurfresh Half Gal. Ice Cream .99 (limit 3) I am thinking B-day party!!!!

Spiral Ham .99/lb

U-Sav (Cherokee)

Ground beef 1.59/lb Ready to make meatloaf or meatball to freeze?!?!?!

OM center cut bacon 12 oz 3/$5

Eckrich smoked saus 16 oz 3/$5

Boneless sirloin pchops 1.79/lb

Tomatoes .69

Food Depot (+10%)

Eye of Round roast, whole 2.61/lb

CS ribs 1.28/lb

Ground beef 1.59/lb

Best buy bacon 12 oz ..99

OM center cut bacon 12 oz 1.58

Eckrich smoked saus 16 oz 1.33

*Hamburger helper .97

Milk 2.77/gal

Kraft M&C .57

White seedless grapes .99

Green peppers .37

6pk Ramen Noodles .97

Headland IGA:

Ground beef 1.59/lb

Boneless sirloin p chops 1.99/lb

White seedless grapes .99/lb

*GM cereal 6/$10

*Grands 8ct. $1

*Hamburger Helper $1

Wesson Oil 48 oz. $3.50

Flavorite choc. Chips 12 oz 3/$5

Carrots 1 lb .69

Butterball frozen grd turkey chub 4/$5

Headland Piggly Wiggly

*Pringles .89

*Zatarain’s Rice Dinners 4/$5

*Eggo Waffles 3/$5

Celery .99

Winn Dixie:

*Eight o’clock coffee 12 oz 3.50

*Grands 8ct. $1

*Hamburger helper $1

*Yoplait Yo+Plus$1.99 coupon -$1 = 4 cups/.99

*Fruit Gushers and Roll-ups BOGO

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