Saturday, January 5, 2013

New You,,,,New Beverages,,,,New Breakfasts,,,Happy 2013

New you requires new healthy habits in 2013!
 My challenge to you is for you to become aware of how you are fueling your body.  Are you getting your desired results?  

Get creative with your drink options....think outside the can or bottle!  Pull out your blender and make some healthy refreshing treats. 

Plan ahead and start your day with a 
delightfully healthy breakfast!

This morning had the privilege to cook on WTVY Saturday morning news with Oscar Fann and Devon Sellers.



served with coconut milk or almond milk

When wanting to have healthy breakfast options available to your family, have fruit prepped and ready to eat.  Also it is a great idea to bake ahead some muffins like my 

Always grateful for the opportunity to share my cooking with others!  Thanks again to Devon and Oscar for enjoying my cooking! 

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