Friday, May 15, 2009

German Pancake

Leigh Anne, at Home Based Mom shared her recipe for Puff Up Pancake.

I made my own version--Demarle style.

Increased the carb value by substituting 1/4 cup of oatmeal flour and made a peach version using some of those wonderful North Carolina peaches that I froze last summer. Remember, use what you have!

Apply the peaches in a manner to satisfy your O.C.D. urgings or just dump them on the pancake!


The recipe made 2 9 inch diameter pancakes. The man clan was delighted.
I credit JOC as my photographer. He was fascinated with the effect he got from the powdered sugar...."it's like snow!"

The other 9" pancake got special treatment for Saturday family breakfast surprise!

4 oz cream cheese
3 TBS powdered sugar
Combine well with electric beaters.

Spread on pancake.

THEN....make fruit glaze of choice....mine is blueberry!

The powdered sugar "snow" will be applied in the morning!


Jaimey said...

OH MY GOSH!! I am in love. I make those too but in a glass dish. I never even thought to use my Demarle!

Oh, hi btw, my name is Jaimey and I found you a while back when I was researching Demarle recipes- not nearly enough in my opinion. :)

Keep em coming! I love them!

cassandrasmom said...

Wow does that ever look would be a nice surprise weekend breakfast for my hubby.

Main Street Mom said...

Thanks ladies! The leftovers were sparse!!!

Main Street Mom said...

BTW I just found The Sisters Cafe also has some Demarle recipes posted!