Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Main Street Mom's Menu Mania...and ramblings

Posting my "Monday Menu" on Tuesday and very late in the day. Projects have been consuming the days and I am seeing some progress and hopefully the prospects of being more organized now.

Then again, this "man clan" has just begun baseball season! My oldest was blessed with having 3 tests and a quiz tomorrow and needing to study on his first night of ball practice...he was so excited regarding ball, focus on the school work was missing tonight. Just a little frustrating, I might add....... At times like these the prayer that I prayed along with many of my dear nursing school friends comes to mind..."Lord help us to recall what we have studied for this test and what we have failed to study...help us to recall it from the lectures in class....and what we missed in class please help me be logical in my guessing." I pray He will help (have mercy on) my EDC tomorrow!

Chicken Lasagna (from the freezer), green beans and salad

B: Pop tart and Berry smoothie
L: Sandwiches,
S: Another version of Chicken Lasagna...with angel hair pasta

B: Cheese grits, sausage and eggs
L: Pizza Rolls,
S: Beef Stew, yeast rolls and salad

B: Almond Loaf, smoothie and ham
L: Beef Stew
S: Leah's supper co-op

B: Egg in a hole
L: PB &J, Yogurt, String Cheese
S: Hamburgers, Oven fries...all the fixins

B: omelets and waffles
L: panini and Mom's tomato soup
S: Blackened Seseme Tuna Steaks

B: Omelets and Waffles
L: Baked Ham, Sweet Potatoes, green beans
S: Leftovers

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