Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chili our way

For years my chili recipe was rather simple. My sis got me hooked on this one.

1 can chili magic
1 15 oz can tomatoes
1 pound cooked hamburger.

Simmer. You can't get any easier than that!
I still love the Chili Magic recipe. About a year ago, the "powers that be" for our local Walmart decided that they no longer needed to sell Chili Magic; that began my quest for a perfect homemade chili.

Here's chili the way ..uh huh...uh huh.. the way we like it! Hold on.........here we go!

I am feeding a man clan. So, I look for ways to give them lasting fullness. One great way is using complex carbs...like brown rice hiding under chili! Unless you are using 5 min brown rice, expect to cook it for 45 minutes. I really feel like I have planned ahead when I already have some rice precooked and in the freezer waiting on the "chili urge".

Next comes the good ol' chili. I will be posting the most fav chili recipe soon!

Cheese anyone?!?!?

Last week when dishing up the chili in our own special way, my EDC informed me that I had "not given him enough sour cream to cool his soup"! Who knew? All these years that is really why we have been putting it on the chili. If you like the cream, enjoy and cool your soup with it!

Now, for the crowning jewel! Gecha some of that fried cornbread!

Now that chili is ready to comfort, nurture and warm the ones you love!!!!

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