Thursday, December 11, 2008

Planning a Cookie Exchange

I co-hosted our 3rd annual cookie exchange. Once again it was a success! We sent out our invitations about a week prior to the event. Heather, my co-host, insisted that we would hold it at her home this year to take some of the "load" off of me. Really, at this phase of motherhood to my dear, 2 year old, MLC, I was thankful for her to do that part of the exchange.

It is not too late for you to plan a cookie exchange.

Make a few refreshments.

Check out this recipe link here.
Be sure to make the hot cider and brew some coffee.
Find a good friend to plan a Christmas carol game.
Enjoy a night out with friends.

Be ready for a very happy family when you arrive home with a stellar sampler of holiday cookies!!!!!

We narrowed the rules down to the following:
  • Homemade cookies are preferred.
  • Bring your recipe.
  • Please bring 6 dozen. One dozen for tasting during the evening and 5 dozen for exchanging. Please plate your 1 dozen for tasting separately.
  • Please let us know your type of cookie you will be baking to ensure variety.

When making the invitations, print the above rules on the back of card stock and the actual invitation print on velum in ink color of choice. Then punch holes in the top center of the invitation and tie on a green and red ribbon for a festive touch.

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