Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I decided to make a menu!

This weekend I perused through many menus from Organizing Junkie.
The aforementioned link is this weeks version of the website featuring menus from over 200 folks who have joined in on the idea that menu planning really does help one's daily duty of nourishing the ones they love.

Sunday evening I made out my menu for this week (which I will share next week) after I have compiled as many of the recipes with photos as possible. I have not yet joined the group, but am gearing up to do so.

I have attempted to do menu making in the past; however, for some reason I would not stick with it. Having started this week with a plan, has helped me tremendously! I loathe coming to the end of my afternoon in a den...(kitchen) full of hungry cubs (man & little men)....wondering what I ought to prepare for supper!!!!

Imagine coming to the end of Monday knowing that the refrigerator & freezer are stocked with groceries for planned meals through the coming Sunday! Just some hours of planning and shopping have me set for the week. It seems too that having a plan orders my time management for the week much better..especially during these crazy days of potty training!!!

Since, I already had the (Wed) grocery sales ads outlined. Making the menu in line with the reduced meat and produce, occurred fairly quickly. (such as spiral cut ham@ .77/lb and country style ribs @.99/lb & milk 2.69!) I am part of a supper co-op. Being a part of this certainly aids in the making of my weekly menu. Three nights of the menu are predetermined by the co-op. How can I complain about the simple chore of planning meals for 4 days. I can do this menu thing!!!!

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