Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oct 30 - Nov 4 Local Grocery Deals


* indicate items with associated coupons

($) indicates value of associated coupons

W-M comp= Wal-Mart comp price

Please leave comments if you notice any deals that we may have missed.

Best (in my opinion) deals are highlighted in red

Headland IGA:

Boston butt .99/lb

*Progresso classic soup $1

*Northern TP $6.50

*WW Smart Ones $2

Headland PW:

Kraft Mayo $2

4 lb sugar $1.50

Bush’s kidney/chili beans .67

Swanson broth .69

*Cottonelle TP 2.50

*Viva paper towels 6pk $6.00 (-$1)

*Dial 3-bar bath soap $2 (-.30)

*Tide detergent 50 oz $5.99 (-$1)

*Pet ritz pie shells, reg $1.50 (-.50/2)

Winn Dixie:

*Chef boyardee $1

Little sizzlers $2.49/2

*Eckrich variety pack BOGO

*Crisco olive oil BOGO ($6.19 - $1Qx2)

*birdseye veggies $1

U-Sav (Cherokee):

Baking Hens .99/lb
Cedar Creek Bacon 1.19/ 12oz

*Xtra laundry 78 oz 2.38

*Hamburger helper $1

Kelloggs Cereal assortment 1.99/12oz and 9oz box

Sweet potatoes .33/lb

Pineapple $2.50 ea

Food Depot (+10%):

10 lb bag Fryer Leg Quarters .58/lb

Ground Beef 1.53

Farmland Sausage links 1.18/12oz

Cabbage .19/lb

4 lb sugar $1.28

Kraft mayo $1.95

Delmonte Ketchup.79/24oz

Tetley Tea 24 count 1.17

*Bluebunny personal .86

Crisco oil 48 oz $2.97

Shur-Valu (Porter Square)

Ground beef 1.49/lb

Medium eggs .99

Shurfresh OJ 64 oz 1.99

Wesson oil 48 oz $2.99

Bananas .49/lb W-M comp.69/lb

Dothan PW (+10%):

Milk 2.86/gal

5 lb ground beef $1.48/lb

Pork Chops .97/lb

Beef back ribs .96/lb

Cubed steak $2.22/lb

Blue bunny Ice Cream $2.44

Bama apple/grape jelly 2 lb .98

Hot pockets $1.88

Red del apples .63/lb

Navel Oranges $3.88/8lb bag

Lettuce .98

Rutabaga .44/lb

Yellow onions 3lb .98

Southern Family Market:

(they double coupons!)

Didn’t get one this week L, did u?

Thanks to Sharla for her help compiling!

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