Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Supper Co-op Chicken (New Recipe)

Ok, the co-op menu has me down for roasted chicken thighs.....I looked at that and thought, "BORING!!!!" Well, last night I googled for inspiration and I have found an impressive blog!!! This would be Luisa's pic of the recipe.

This recipe has unique flavors, not the everyday Southern fare. I have nothing against my dear adopted Southern cuisine. I have grown rather fond of it during my 20+ years in the South. There are times, however, that something just a little different seems essential. Often, when I am craving something different, Thai or Japanese flavors come to mind. I hope tomorrow supper does not disappoint! As I write, the chicken sits in the fridge soaking up the flavors of ginger, cumin, a touch of jalapeno, lemon....those I suppose would be the predominate flavors. I plan to serve it with jasmine rice and a fresh leafy salad topped with fresh ginger dressing. Don't worry my dear supper co-op partners...Next week's menu has be down for chicken alfredo. Humor me and let me try this exotic chicken dish on you.

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